::   Michael B. Cook 1942-2021

Mike Cook

Mike helps plant trees at GIC’s arboretum at McGuire Veterans Hospital.

 It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our Board Chairman, Michael B. Cook. Mike was a true hero to many people and especially to the Green Infrastructure Center. As a board member, and then board chair for many years, Mike tirelessly dedicated his time to helping us grow and expand our focus and our reach. He stuck with us through tough lean years and even the pandemic. He always trusted our judgement, but also let us know when to right the ship. He never had an unkind word for any of us.

He led a long and distinguished career at the U.S. EPA before joining us. He also volunteered to help his wife Kim with her nonprofit and often told us tips that Kim was using to keep her nonprofit going strong. Mike also was probably more fit than our staff. As an Iron Man Triathlete competing around the U.S. and beyond, he sometimes was a few minutes late for a call because he had to finish his 50-mile bike ride. 

We will miss his gentle counsel and his wise soul. He always thanked everyone on the staff for their good work, their patience and their dedication. When times are tough, we will always think of Mike cheering us on. And when they are very good, we’ll channel his smile and words of praise.

To learn more about Mike’s life outside of GIC, please see his obituary at: 


Mike Cook

As a veteran himself, Mike was a great supporter of GIC’s work to create a healing landscape for those who have served and are on the path to wellness.