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The first rural project began in summer 2007 in rural Madison County in the central Piedmont region of Virginia. Funding was provided by the Virginia Department of Forestry and an anonymous foundation. The GIC worked with its partner firm of E² Inc. and University of Virginia graduate students who conducted the initial project research. Madison County was selected as the first rural field test project because it contains more than 170 intact habitat cores based on the Virginia Conservation Lands Needs Assessment as well as working farms and forests that the community wishes to protect. This project demonstrated that key intact forests are located across the county (both inside and outside of growth areas) and may be subject to increasing growth pressures. While the national park protects much of the western portion of the county, significant habitat cores are also found outside of the park and are threatened by development of second homes. The plan also shows where the Virginia Department of Forestry should focus their work based on forests that are high value for conservation and timber and are not under a protected status or included under a forest management plan. GIC staff created a geographic information system for the county and provided the data to the county to create a much more comprehensive and powerful tool for managing resources and determining how best to grow and develop while meeting their comprehensive plan priorities.


Pictures from Madison County from left to right: Civil War Trail, forest field visit, creek, farmers market, vineyard


Madison County Farm