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The GIC worked with its partner firm of E² Inc. to create a detailed county-scale green infrastructure plan for New Kent County Virginia within the Richmond Region.  The plan includes a priority asset map of key forest, agricultural and water resources, risk assessment and a strategy report of opportunities to protect green assets. New Kent County was selected for a local pilot because it has significant natural resources yet it is located in close proximity to the growing Richmond metro region, putting these resources at risk from sprawl-patterned development. The green infrastructure plan shows land that may be included in a purchase of development rights program or when transferring rights from one area to another. It also shows opportunities for developers who wish to link their developments into the larger network.  The plan also demonstrates how nature-based recreation and heritage assets relate to a green infrastructure networks.  The project was completed in July 2009. 


New Kent County Map.

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Pictures from New Kent County from left to right: focus group meeting, woods, old store, sunset over Pamunkey River.


Route 249, the historic route of Generals Washington and Rochambeau