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Donating to the Green Infrastructure Center (GIC) puts conservation to work. The GIC a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable educational and scientific institution and all donations are tax deductible. The GIC’s projects are funded entirely through grants, corporate gifts and individual donations and agency contracts. Administrative overhead is approximately 25 percent of the total budget. The center’s audit and tax returns are available for public inspection..

All contributions will be appreciated and acknowledged. Funds are used to support GIC’s work on the ground helping communities map, evaluate and conserve their highest value natural assets from wildlands to the heart of our cities. To read about recent projects read the Executive Director's Fall Report. Funds can be restricted to a specific project by specifying the project name or activity in a letter or the memo on the check. To donate by credit card through PayPal, click below:

Donations by check or money order should be made out to GIC and sent to:

Green Infrastructure Center Inc.
320 Valley Street, Scottsville, VA, 24590-4996.

To see the GIC Brochure, click here.


: Five reasons why GIC is a smart investment

1. We deliver: In just TEN years the GIC has completed 40 planning field tests in urban, rural and suburban landscapes (see project page) and served as advisor to dozens of regional planning districts and councils of government. We also serve on many boards such as the National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council advising the Secretary of the Agriculture and we are a member of the Green Infrastructure Collaborative convened by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

2. We produce high quality, scientific work: The GIC provides localities and communities with the highest quality mapping and evaluation of their natural resources. We use cutting edge technologies and built sophisticated computer models to make land planning analysis much more scientific, accurate and strategic.

3. We leverage projects by sharing what we learn: The GIC is not only helping communities identify and conserve natural resource assets but also creating models that can be replicated across the United States. We teach communities to conserve their green assets through manuals, presentations and workshops, multiple state guides and a national book. We just built a model for Esri to map the green infrastructure of the United States and we are writing a guide to using the model.

4. We are trusted: As a non-political organization, the GIC is trusted to provide objective and sound analysis of community assets. We are one of only a handful of such efforts in the United States.

5. We are recognized for our work:  The GIC has won awards for our work such as the Charlottesville City Design Professionals of the Year (2007) and the Lewis Creek Watershed Award of Excellence (2009). In 2008, the GIC was singled out in a report by the Environmental Finance Center and the National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education as an organization whose work is a model for guidance and technical assistance to communities in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. We recently had our work featured in the December 2016 pull-out map for the National Geographic magazine.

: How will your donation make a difference?

While our overhead costs are low (25%) the GIC needs assistance simply to cover accounting costs such as the annual audit or administrative fees. We are also asked to provide advice to many communities who can't afford to pay for services -- but still have abundant resources they need help conserving. Project needs include funds for field research staff, travel funds to attend conferences and teach workshops, staff time for free technical assistance or funds for mapping and research activities to create green infrastructure plans and manuals. It also helps us keep our computers at top speed and performance for the data-heavy maps we create for communities.

: Why should you support the GIC?

The GIC is the only organization of its kind that provides direct service, advice and analysis at the local level for green infrastructure planning. Plans are created to meet community needs and each initiative is unique. The center builds local capacity by not only working hand-in-hand with communities to address their interests, but also by providing the training and tools for local governments, land trusts and others to update and manage their own local plans. We recently built a healing landscape arboretum for disabled veterans, hospital staff and patients that was recognized by the U.S. Congress. 

The GIC is expanding! We work in NY, NJ, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, AR. OK and beyond and have taught and keynoted conferences across the United States from CA to AR to MI to PA to FL. Our staff have also worked in international efforts such as in Jordan and South Africa as well as sharing our knowledge with other regions, such as groups in Michigan and Maryland. By supporting the center’s work, you are helping us to share lessons learned though our projects across the U.S. and the world. The more we can share our knowledge, the more communities become empowered to chart their own futures, armed with the best data, the best science and effective strategies that work!

If you have questions about donations, please contact: firehock@gicinc.org.

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“At a time when local government budgets are tight, receiving the services of the staff at the Green Infrastructure Center, at no cost to the County, was invaluable. The resulting maps, data, recommendations, and report on New Kent County’s green infrastructure have been incorporated into our everyday decisions and recommendations as land use planners.”

- Kelli Le Duc, New Kent County Planning Division


“ The Green Infrastructure Center is one of the critical missing tools for truly preparing our communities for a sustainable future. By identifying, mapping and linking our most valuable green infrastructure, we can more competently plan for the preservation of those valuable resources while meeting our other developmental needs. “

- Karl E. Bren, President GreenVisions Consulting


"With the adoption of our plan, the County will have a foundation in place for growth based on a new, fresh and badly needed development model; one that achieves economic growth and sustainability over the long term without the risk of sacrificing our future resources and quality of life for jobs today.  Karen shows us the way to a future of sound economics and the preservation of regional sustainability.

- Steve Miner, County Administrator for Accomack County