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Boca Raton Tree Canopy Assessment

- An Analysis of Forest Cover and Benefits
 Format: PDF  Series/Project: Urban Tree Canopy  Author: GIC Inc.  State: Florida  Publisher: GIC Inc.  Published: 2021  Pages: 45  File Size: 5MB  View/Download

This report describes the City of Boca Raton, Florida’s current tree canopy coverage and the benefits that the its trees provide. The City contracted with the Green Infrastructure Center (GIC) to conduct the assessment to determine the extent of the tree canopy and plantable areas, and to model environmental benefits. This report can be used by the City of Boca Raton to assess and track its tree canopy cover and create strategies to retain or expand it.

GIC provided:
• An analysis of the current extent of the urban forest through high-resolution tree canopy mapping.
• A Potential Planting Area analysis to determine where additional trees could be planted.
• Calculations of the environmental and social benefits provided by the City’s trees.
• Recommendations for expanding city canopy coverage over time.

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