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Pre-Contracts in Disaster Cleanup

- A Case Study in Alexandria, Louisiana
 Format: PDF  Series/Project: Storm Mitigation Planning  Author: GIC Inc.  State: Louisiana  Publisher: GIC Inc.  Published: 2023  File Size: 2MB  View/Download

Is Your Community Ready?
The Importance of Pre-Contracts in the Disaster Cleanup Response.
A Case Study in Alexandria, Louisiana

Cities often struggle to recover from storm damages – both in the short- and long-term. The faster a city can recover and re-open, the lower the economic and social damages will be to the community. Usually, once a storm hits, cities and towns are challenged to obtain the resources they need to restore critical functions. This frequently requires enlisting contractors, who are in short supply, thus delaying recovery time.

We examined the City of Alexandria, Louisiana, as a test case for how pre-contracting for tree debris assessment and clean up can speed up the response and recovery process, thereby reducing both economic and safety impacts.

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