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Resilient Coastal Forests of Georgia

- Overcoming Challenges and Implementing Strategies for a Better Future
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RFC Georgia Study Area
Georgia Study Area. Click to enlarge.

This Resilient Coastal Forests (RCF) pilot study of coastal forests was designed to take a landscape-scale look at the challenges facing the Southeast’s coastal forests and to make suggestions as to what can be done. The study includes an assessment of coastal forest resources and assets, an analysis of the benefits forests provide, an evaluation of the various threats and their level of risk to coastal forests, local and state stakeholder interests, and recommended management strategies to mitigate or adapt to future impacts.

The study examined a section of Georgia’s coastal forest that covered Camden County, its barrier islands and three cities within the lower watershed of the Satilla and 
St. Marys Rivers.

A fundamental objective of this study is to understand the nature of the threats that coastal forests experience, evaluate the extent and severity of those risks on the landscape and engage stakeholders to develop resource management strategies and actions to adapt to or mitigate the impacts of those threats.

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