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Storm Planning for the Urban Forest-Mod 1

- Tree Risk Assessment
 Format: PDF  Series/Project: Storm Mitigation Planning  Author: GIC Inc.  State:  Publisher: GIC Inc.  Published: 2023  Pages: 13  File Size: 2MB  View/Download

Module 1 of the Storm Planning for Urban Forest Books.
Get ready for storms by first identifying and treating risky trees and limbs to reduce storm damages and tree failure later. Monitoring trees to check for risk – Tree Risk Assessment – can save time, money and lives by removing trees that could fail and cause harm or block access. Most communities have experienced the challenges of blocked roads, downed power lines and flash floods caused by debris buildup and over flowing stream banks. But this problem can be drastically reduced, or even avoided through better care of our “green infrastructure.” Collaborative storm planning between arborists and emergency management personnel reduces tree related damage, blockages, and debris that slow recovery time from storms while also improving the health and resilience of the urban forest.

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