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East Providence Strategic Tree Canopy Plan

 Format: PDF  Series/Project: Urban Tree Canopy  Author: GIC, Inc.  State: Rhode Island  Publisher: GIC, Inc.  Published: 2024  Pages: 56  File Size: 4592 kb  View/Download

Trees are the city’s ‘green infrastructure.’ Just as we manage our grey infrastructure (roads, sidewalks, bridges and pipes), we also need to manage our ‘green infrastructure’ (trees and other vegetation). The city’s green infrastructure provides many values that support a vibrant, safe and healthful community. Trees add to a city’s historic character and enhance livability by filtering storm water and reducing runoff, cleaning the air, providing oxygen, shade, natural beauty and enhanced property values. Planting a tree to shade a home can save 50% of annual air conditioning costs and can soak up thousands of gallons of stormwater each year to reduce street flooding.

This plan and the accompanying assessments were completed by the Green Infrastructure Center, Inc. through a grant from the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management’s Division of Forest Environment (DFE). This plan describes the findings of the tree canopy assessment, ecosystem services analysis, and codes and ordinances assessment for East Providence, Rhode Island. Building upon these data the city, DFE, GIC and stakeholders participated in goal setting sessions and developed proposed strategies for meeting the goal to maintain tree canopy at 34% over the next 10 years.

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