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To assist communities in developing strategies for protecting and conserving their ecological and cultural assets through environmentally-sensitive decisions, lifestyles and planning.

Green infrastructure is the interconnected natural systems and ecological processes that provide clean water, air quality and wildlife habitat. Green infrastructure sustains a community’s social, economic, and environmental health.

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The GIC is involved in a wide range of green infrastructure projects and activities, from tree canopy assesssments to training seminars which, in today's COVID environment, can all be conducted remotely.

The GIC works with all levels of government and local community groups, from the Federal Government, to regional and state levels, to individual cities and counties. Previous projects include with New Jersey City; Ulster County, NY; Charleston, SC; Hot Springs, AK; Jacksonville, FL; Miami, FL; the Cherokee National Forest, TN; Virginia Dept Forestry - and many more!

Our CEO has addressed conferences across the country on green Infrastructure and sustainability, including the National Arbor Day Foundation; the Association of Urban Community Forestry Coordinators; the Mayors’ Institute; the River Network; the Center for Watershed Protection National Conference; the Urban Land Institute; the National Association of State Foresters and the Kresge Foundation.

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Press Release:
Resilient Coastal Forests, Virginia Report just published!
South Carolina and Georgia Reports also now avaialble!

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To download all the reports, visit our Resilient Coastal Forests page here.

Also, visit our Resiliency page here.

:: New Tree Planning and Planting Campaign Guide now available!

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:: Urban Heat Studies now available!
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:: GIC has moved!


GIC has moved into expansive new offices in Scottsville, Virginia. Our new contact information is:

Phone: 434-286 3119

Address: 320 Valley Street, Scottsville, VA, 24590-4996.

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Get GIC's design guide for conserving forests and other habitats, even when developing! Contact GIC for print copies or click here to download.

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