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To assist communities in developing strategies for protecting and conserving their ecological and cultural assets through environmentally-sensitive decisions, lifestyles and planning.

Green infrastructure is the interconnected natural systems and ecological processes that provide clean water, air quality and wildlife habitat. Green infrastructure sustains a community’s social, economic, and environmental health.

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For Release: New Study Shows How Trees Reduce Stormwater Runoff. Learn more...

Get new tools to help your city! The GIC is showing how trees help cities reduce stormwater runoff.  Learn more...

GIC's executive director Karen Firehock is featured in a new inspirational book from ESRI Press that shows how 23 inspirational women gained their passion for science and went on to use GIS as a tool for saving the Earth. For more click here.

Read the Spring 2019 Executive Director's Report. Click here.

New! Land Image Analyst Tool
The GIC is providing support for the USFS Land Image Analyst (LIA) tool. LIA provides a fast and free way to classify land cover for, and make maps for, tree canopy, conservation and land planning. To get the tool or watch a demo, visit the LIA page.

The GIC's national Green Infrastructure Planning Guide is now available!
The GIC also has planning guides for Virginia, New York, Arkansas, South Carolina and North Carolina.
Read the Press Release.

The GIC developed a green infrastructure plan to make Norfolk, VA, more resilient.
Learn More...

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