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To assist communities in developing strategies for protecting and conserving their ecological and cultural assets through environmentally-sensitive decisions, lifestyles and planning.

Green infrastructure is the interconnected natural systems and ecological processes that provide clean water, air quality and wildlife habitat. Green infrastructure sustains a community’s social, economic, and environmental health.

:: What's New?

GIC Launches Its Latest New Project in South Carolina
Visit the Projects page to learn more.

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GIC Services Brochure
Click here to see our NEW GIC Services Brochure. This new brochure gives details of the types of projects the GIC undertakes, as well as its many mapping and training services.

GIC Planning Guides
The GIC has four new planning guides titled Evaluating and Conserving Green Infrastructure Across the Landscape: A Practitioner's Guide.
There are editions for Virginia, New York, Arkansas and North Carolina. The guides show communities how to map their most significant natural resources and make plans to conserve or restore them. A guide for South Carolina is underway. While the guides were created for specific states, the ideas can be applied anywhere.
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